Dixie Care & Share is an independent community-based charity which was founded in 1980 by Ruth and Harvey McGee. Their initial idea to help others was formulated by visits to the churches and leading community organizations in St. George. These allies told them that the true need was to have a place to focus all of the assistance that they were willing to provide through one organization. Their compassion, working with others through churches and community organizations, has created an organization which assists thousands of poor and often homeless families each year.


Because no organization can do everything alone the following partners are integral to our success in serving the poor:

  Salvation Army: travel and medical vouchers  

  Workforce Services:  On-site employment counseling

  Department of Vocational Rehabilitation: On-site job coaching

  LDS Transient Bishop: Travel and gas vouchers

  Deseret Industries, Catholic Thrift, Hospital Thrift:  Clothing vouchers

  Southwest Behavioral Health:  On-site client mental screening

  Veterans Administration: On-site client interviews

  The Learning Center: Pregnant women and young children services

  Utah Food Bank:  Grocery Rescue Program

Dixie Care & Share has grown exponentially from its humble beginnings. As the community grows, and Washington County becomes a larger presence in Southern Utah, we are challenged with the increasing numbers of people who require a helping hand.